166 Days “Slovenia 31 del Mundo”


Slovenia are team 24 with a FIFA ranking of 31 in the World. One previous appearance in Korea/Japan 2002 which ended at the group stage.    

I have a soft spot for Slovenia, as they were able to knock out Guus Hiddink out of Africa. My nemesis Guss was coach of Russia at the time. Thanks to Slovenia I got to hear Guss Hiddink say the magic words: “I will not be at South Africa 2010”.    

I never respected Guss as the national coach of Australia. When I heard he was the coach I knew Uruguay were in trouble. He got Australia to Germany 2006 and left them after that. I thought there was still more he could have done for Australia but instead decided to become Russia’s National Team Coach.   

Now he knows how it feels not to make it to a World Cup. Guss will end up at one of the big European leagues as team coach. Good luck to you Guss,  La Concha de tu Madre 😉   

Slovenia are in Group C with England, Algeria and USA. Slovenia are in a great position to make the second round. They need a great performance to get something from their first game against Algeria.   

My Prediction: Out at Group Stage.   







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