175 Days Numero Veinte del Mundo

Numero Veinte del Mundo


The usual comments I receive talking about the Uruguayan National Team are that they use to be good. As the final results for the FIFA World Rankings come to a close, Uruguay is situated 20th in the World as of 2009. 

 Since 1993 when FIFA decided to start the World Rankings we have reached the highest point of 14th in the World and a lowest point of 76th in the world. Uruguay’s average since 1993 is 29th in the world. Let the statistics make the decision as to where Uruguay sits in World Futbol in 2009. 

 Below are some highlights of the 2002 Qualification where we beat Australia 3-0 in Montevideo to reach Korea/Japan 2002. The highlights are a bit longer than the usual Australian highlights of the 2006 penalty kick which is the only highlight to show. Australia never shows Kewels miss kick which ended up as a pass to Bresciano.

By the way Australia, we are 20th in the world and you are 21st in the World, One more, just ask Spinal Tap how (one more) means the world of difference 🙂


The second video is the 2010 Qualification for South Africa. 

The third video is highlights of our last performance at the 2002 World Cup where one of the games of the tournament was played between Uruguay and Senegal.  

It’s interesting watching this video since we played France and an Africa Team which is very similar to our group in South Africa. Hopefully with a better result than last time: 









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