183 Days “African Car Hire”

We found a hire car

Another eventful day as Andres was able to secure a hire car for our South African trip. We have been assured that the hire car will be strong enough to get us around South Africa and assist as many hitch hikers as possible. 



Who needs a sunroof

Andres was advised that the hire car will not have a sun roof but from the photo above it certainly wont be needed. Some advise though is to keep an eye on any overtaking and to be aware of any animal crossing areas. We are quite used to that in Australia with Kangaroo crossings however Africa has some quite different animals. 



Keep an eye out for any overtaking
Beware animal crossings

Now that we have the hire car the focus is back on the tickets with some confusion with the FIFA site. Waiting on a response from FIFA and then the wait till 1st of February when the ticket allocation is announced. 





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