184 Days “Like a Virgin”

Like a Virgin
Like a Virgin

What an incredible day today turned out to be. I’m happy to announce that plane tickets have been arranged for South Africa. Game tickets have been registered and awaiting allocation. Travel insurance organised and car hire is on the drawing board. 

Great news as fellow Uruguayan supporters Andres and his dad Luis are heading to South Africa with me. Great news as I now have Andres as the Interviewer, Luis as the Sound Guy and me as the Camera Man. The documentary is taking shape. 

After the 2nd game against Costa Rica I ended up at Star City Casino watching the repeat of Uruguay vs Costa Rica. In the alcoholic state I was in and watching the game on such a big screen made me feel like I was at the World Cup. When I got home I had a couple of Vodka Martinis and made the decision to try and acquire tickets to South Africa 2010. 

I was able to successfully register for tickets and the dream started becoming a reality. Today Andres and I went to the travel agent and with the luck you need to win a world cup, we were able to book the last 3 tickets to South Africa!!!!

Like a Virgin “Madonna” came to our rescue and we were able to book with Virgin airlines with seconds to spare 🙂 

The planning continues with all things South African on the agenda; meetings, movies, audio, books, internet, futbol…………………. 




If it’s not a personal question, Are you a Virgin? 



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6 thoughts on “184 Days “Like a Virgin””

  1. hey gus brilliant news.

    Do you need a technical guy or a make up guy?

    it’s really tempting at the moment. But I will be going to Uruguay next week so the $$$ are allocated to that at the moment.

    Jorge A

    1. Che Uruguayo Downunder, do you still have a chance to win the trip to South Africa? Yes we need a technical guy that can also do makeup and drive a manual. 🙂

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