185 Days to Go

El Maestro and Sienzuf

  We might not see eye to eye but I’ll put it down to El Maestro being taller than me and give him the benefit of the doubt. El Maestro did it and reached Sud Africa, Congratulations and my hat goes off to you.  

It was an increible’ journey which thankfully continues, with some friendlies and a minimum of 3 games in Sud Africa. 

Today I begin the epic journey to Sud Africa by keeping the Sienzuf blog up to date with entries everyday. I have applied for tickets with FIFA and was fortunate enough to get in for the 2nd phase. Now I await my allocation and start preparing for the trip of a lifetime. Yes Sienzuf will be the foreign correspondent for all things Celeste. Now you might ask me why I don’t follow Australia and to cut a long story short I’ll give a short summary: 

I arrived in Australia back in 1973 only to find the Aussies not interested in futbol which was called “soccer”. To my amazement the Aussies called it wog ball and said only “Gay” people played it. Coming from a country where futbol is a religion and everyone talks about it from my Great Grandmother to a 5-year-old girl, it was quite a shock.  

How could I ever support Australia? it just would not have made sense, so instead I started defending the sport and supporting Uruguay even more. I played in Australia for Fairfield RSL and then moved onto Avala (Serb Team in the State League). This is where I found peace as I was surrounded by nationalities that held futbol high. 

I got on best with the Europeans, Serbs, Croatians, Spanish, Italians, Germans, Dutch and of cause the Sud Americans. I played for Sud America 11 and Welcome during the off seasons and started to understand the different styles of futbol. With all this training I managed to be selected to play for Marconi (Italian Team in the National League). 

During this time I always supported Uruguay, Fenix and Penarol but also supported the sport in Australia by being involved as member of clubs like Marconi, Sydney City and The Uruguayan Club. At the moment I am a member of Sydney FC. 

I wish Australia all the best and they will need it being in a tough group. The sport has come a long way here but still holds the same issues like those of the USA. Certain media in Australia fears futbol and reports it as negatively as possible. I don’t believe Australia will ever be like Sud America or Europe as it’s a cultural thing and a way of life. Soccer now known as football will be very successful. 

Well enough about the Aussies and let’s talk about Uruguay 🙂  


Vamos Uruguay Vamos

Group A:   

Favourites France, 2nd Mexico, 3rd Sud Africa and 4th Uruguay. Ha Ha Ha, that seems to be what all the polls say and what most of the media say with very few exceptions.   

Sud Africa at home will be tough and I wouldn’t be writing them off that easily. France are a strong team and have been World Champions and finished 2nd in 2006. Mexico are always strong and should not be underestimated.   

What about Uruguay though? The comments I have read are anything from, “they used to be good in the past” and “they’re not as good as they used to be”. Great, not bad for a team ranked 19th in the world right now in 2009!!!!   

The four teams that qualified from Sud America; Brasil we lost at home and lost away but anyone that saw the game in Brasil knows we destroyed them an were extremely unlucky. Chile we drew both games and should have won away again. Paraguay we lost away and beat them at home. Argentina we lost away and at home however it could have been very different and we were close.   

I can’t wait until El Maestro selects the squad to travel to Sud Africa and now I’m off to do some more research on the trip. Passports, Visas, Tickets, Plane Tickets……..   

Until Tomorrow…………………………………………………………………   


El Maestro thinking about South Africa


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  1. Que grande loco, BIEN AHI!!!! No doubt our group will be hard but we easily had the toughest qualifying path so I have faith in Los Charruas!!!!!

    P.S: I applied for tickets for my Dad and I today so fingers crossed we get them 

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