6 6 6

6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses
6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses

The witchdoctor was right, Uruguay has a hidden agenda. Tabarez formulated the table to finish with 6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses after 18 games. If you add up 18 like in numerology 18= 1+8 = 9…Turn 9 upside down and you get 6.

We now play Costa Rica in the play off for Sud Africa 2010. If you add up Sud Africa you get 9. Turn 9 upside down and you get 6.  If you add up 2010 you get 3 so we need another 3 to make it 6. Then we will end up with 666 for wins/draws and loses. 666 for the amount of games played in the Conmebol Qualification. Adding up the name of Sud Africa and now adding up 2010. Witch leaves another 3 to complete the 6.

That means El Maestro will need his formulas and hoodoos all worked out for a 3 gol margin. Then the 3 from 2010 and the 3 from the goals scored will give him 6 to complete the 666 and offer his sacrifice to the witchdoctor and complete the profecy of Uruguay reaching the World Cup.

With that in mind I believe we will draw the first game 1-1 which adds up to 2 and then we will win 1-0 at home to complete the 3 gol margin adding up 2010 which is 3 and completing the 666.




6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses and 18 games which = 9 = 6
6 Wins 6 Draws 6 Loses and 18 games which = 9 = 6

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…turn me on deadman turn me on…turn me on deadman……….



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  1. In the style of the davinci code, I left a piece of the puzzle out. Costa Rica adds up to 9 witch is 6 upside down. That could mean that we already have the 666 but still have 3 left over////
    Could this mean a penalty shoot out at El Centenario??????

  2. another piece of the puzzle is that penalties also adds up to 9 witch = 6. The only thing that will break this code is the country and name of the next officials. Just who will it be and where are they from??????????????

  3. some more clues for anyone out there looking for hidden backward messages…. Uruguay finished on 24 points…..2+4=6…..
    so now we have 666….666….can you see anymore clues????? Coming soon as the witchdoctor advises….

  4. Very interesting Aispuru. I played it backwards at 1/4 speed and heard the following message. Lugano adds up to 6 and is the Capitan, he is the Master Apprentice to the hierachal conspiracy.
    Bielsa adds up to 6 and was stratigically placed as coach of Chile being part of the Hierachal Natas (aka AUF). I know you already know all this as Andrew adds up to 6 and you too are part of the conspiracy as you bet on Argentina and Chile to win. Very suspicious don’t you think??????

  5. By the way Andrew.. Andres Scotti was playing with the number 6 shirt…….Andres adds up to 6….opa

    The next piece of the puzzle is the deciding game is played on the 18th… 1+8 = 9 upside down = 6……….

    More to come……

  6. Costa Rica has nine letters. 9 upside down is ?
    Suarez has ? letters.
    Forlan has ? letters.

    We will win the repechaje on the 18th (half 18 you get 9. turn upside down you get?) 6 nil on aggregate.


  7. Very interesting Jorge as you have found some more clues..Yes you are right Suarez, Forlan are 6 but you also have Cavani…El Loco adds up to 6…
    However the other hierachal member is Jorge because if you translate to English it’s George which adds up to 6…so how many more secrets will you reveal from the da maestri code????

    1. Je je je… remember to play on the 6th at 6:06pm. Try to wear La Celeste with number 6 and Scotti on the back. Andres = 6, Scotti =6 and pick numbers 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 9…. The Brujo will want 33.3333%……Vamos Uruguay Vamos…..

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