Sabemos Cumplir

Awaiting the Classico Rioplatense with 9 hours to go. It’s nearly midnight and I can’t sleep. So I started practicing the Uruguayan National Anthem for the game. The words that are now stuck in my head are “Sabemos Cumplir” translation “We know how to fulfill”.

These words have a strong resonance and vibration when you have 60,000 singing it in the stadium with another 3 million in the country and another 6 million all round the world. That vibration will be felt by the players and knowing that a win will put us in the top 4 with an automatic qualification to Sud Africa 2010, I feel a win is on the table.

Uruguay Top 4

 Uruguay in the Top 4

The other element would have to be the Charrua Spirit. If ever there was a time to destroy Argentina then this is the time.  Direct qualification will allow us to avoid any more suffering until Sud Africa 2010, however Argentina will be suffering for 2 more games if Chile draw or beat Ecuador.


Don't cry for me Maradona
Don't cry for me Maradona
My bold prediction for the game is:
Uruguay 5-0 Argentina
Uruguay 5-0 Argentina

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