Get your calculators ready


Time to order your new IPhone app, yes that’s right order the scientific calculator app. It will pay for itself due to the complex calculations coming up in the 5th spot adventure.

I will provide all the complex formulas as needed, expect the unexpected and be prepared for all analysis.

Below are some highlights of the game today against Venezuela. El Maestro managed 1 point which is a fantastic achievement as I didn’t think we would get even 1 point. Now we sit 6th and wait till September for our away game to Peru and our home game against Colombia. Hopefully we will manage 1 more point from the next two games, I know I’m being unrealistic but hey you need to be an optimist sometimes.





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  1. You sure Tabarez is not going for the unorthodox negative zero? Maybe by his own gorilla math, losing both games puts us closer to South Africa.


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