What’s the Difference?

Sebastian Viera
Sebastian Viera

The difference between the two teams was the GoalKeeper. Sebastian Viera had a dreadful game with a crucial mistake that gave the game to Brasil.

Julio Cesar had a sensational game and stopped everything pushing him close to the best goalkeeper in the world.

Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar


  Brasil were too good and deserved to win and could have easily scored more than 4 gols. On the other hand Uruguay had some chances to turn the game around but Julio Cesar was always there to block, stop and provide confidence to the Brasilian Team.

When you have no foundation (Viera) the house will fall down and Uruguay certainly came crashing down in a historic loss for El Maestro.

The outstanding player for Uruguay was El Malaka Martinez who was brilliant and it makes you wonder why he hasn’t been played more often.  



Malaka Martinez
Malaka Martinez


 Why el Maestro made Forlan Captain is beyond belief as his only responsibility should be to score not lead. Tactically Dunga destroyed Tabarez and showed all at the AUF that it’s time for a change in direction. Now we head to Venezuela and need a win, can Tabarez lift the squads morale in time and bring home 3 points. To be honest I see it as highly unlikely but achievable.

 South Africa is slippin’ away and no matter what happens in this round we will be in 5th place. Are we the 5th place specialists? Is it our destiny to playoff again? Somehow I don’t think so. We have Colombia and Argentina at home which we got 6 points from the 2006 campaign and I can’t see that happening this time round.

Can we beat Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador away??????

the magician

 This is the response to my question, and it looks like we need some magic and we need it now.


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One thought on “What’s the Difference?”

  1. Forlan was the 2nd worst player on the pitch, Perez was the 4th & Eguren turned into the stereotype, everyone has of Uruguayans, that all we know how to do is maim people and bad sportsmanship.

    Aside from the horrible showing of Viera, you’re 100% right, they have to get rid of Tabarez. How many more points is he going to give up? Every time Uruguay gives up points, El Pais & all those toilet rag Uruguayan Media reporters cover up for him and hail him as a genius.

    And please, does anyone with half a brain think that Castillo is going to make a difference? he’s 5 ft 10… more of the same garbage.

    This is it, this is the game where you can say that the qualification to South Africa got away… The Venezuela draw, the Chile Draw, The Ecuador Draw and this loss at home…. forget about South Africa.

    Really frustrating following this team… today was the first time I really gotta say that Brazil outclassed Uruguay.

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