Todo Pronto

Estadio Centenario
Estadio Centenario

Everthing is ready and all tickets have been sold. Now we wait to see how many norteños make the trip to the stadium that hosted the first ever World Cup in 1930.  Let’s hope history repeats itself and the Uruguayans provide a performance like the Charruas from the past.

El Maestro will conduct the next training run behind closed doors and I’m hoping that they sort out the issue with freekicks and corners. I would replace Forlan from corner and freekick duty and have el Malaka Martinez perform one of the most important aspects of the game.  Looking at the below footage you can see the importance of the FreeKick Specialist. It could just be the difference between 0 points and 1 to 3 points:

For an interesting interview with Sebastian Abreu (El Loco) please click on the following link to the official FIFA site:

El Loco
El Loco


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  1. Brazil is always dangerous… Dunga is no dummy either. I’m not too impressed with the guys he called up though, and he should’ve capped Ronaldinho despite the lack of match fitness.

    I think it’ll be a defensive see-saw like the 1995 Copa America Final.

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