Centro Atletico Fenix Campeon 2009

We're Back were we belong
We’re Back were we belong

Centro Atletico Fenix are champions of the annual table catapulting them into the Uruguayan First Division playing against the big boys of Penarol, danubio and defensor. Lets hope that we get back to the glory days of not only qualifing for the Copa Libertadores but  also creating history.

History is with us to provide the strength for the future.

Copas de Fenix
Copas de Fenix


 Let’s enjoy and celebrate like it’s 1970.

Fenix 1970





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4 thoughts on “Centro Atletico Fenix Campeon 2009”

  1. This is a cause for celebration?

    Equipo Fantasma flaco, equipo Fantasma… no existe!

    Manya y de Fenix???

    You need medical attention…

  2. He He, There is only ONE Team Yorugua. Fenix Fenix Fenix.

    They are my home Team from Capurro and I know this will upset all Los Manyas but the only time I don’t go for Penarol is if they are playing against Fenix. Which will happen next tournament.

    Vamos Fenix Vamos Carajo!!!!

  3. Instead of that stupid bird they use as a logo, they should put the Phantom as their mascot… he’s purple like them and sums up what they are… un EQUIPO FANTASMA!!!!

    You should root for Liverpool… they took care of your Manyas & they play with the only good “enganche” in Uruguay… MARCELO TEJERA…. un fenomeno el tipo!

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