Number 10 Theory of the Cosmos

Maradona Numero 10
Maradona Numero 10

Well looks like it’s that time again when we discuss the “Number 10 Theory of the Cosmos”. Yes that’s right it was Pele who played for the New York Cosmos as number “10”back when futbol was played on artificial fields with penalty shoot outs that started at the half way line and commentators who screamed “scored” everytime a gol was scored.

Now we all know that every player in Brasil including the goalkeepers are number “10’s” and every spectator is as well. Argentina is the same as they all strive to be the only real number “10” Maradona.

There is and was Totti, Maradona, Pelé, Zico, Francéscoli, Platini, Matthaus, Laudrup, Roberto Baggio, Ronaldinho to name just a few.

“vasediaz” commented on a recent blog the following: “I don’t think there is room for “enganches” in today’s football any more. A multiple function “worker” such as Alvaro Fernandez was a good idea”.

Sure functional working midfielders are great, watching the Champions League games today you can see that clearly with teams like Chelsea having the strongest, dirtiest, endurance workaholic midfieders possible.  Guus Hidink my nemesis, playing that same style of futbol he is renowned for which is fitness based. His theory is the players are already technically gifted but they are lazy. Train them like horses and they make the team have an extra player.

Some may say that having a “10” on the field means you actually are playing with only 10 men as they do little running and non existent defending.

Others seem to get so carried away with the 10 phenomenom that they retire the number 🙂 examples of “number 10” retirements are:
Brescia – Roberto Baggio (Italia)
US Avellino – Adriano Lombardi (Italia)
Napoli – Diego Maradona (Italia)
Kispest AC/Honvéd – Ferenc Puskás (Hungry)
Legia Warsaw – Kazimierz Deyna  (Poland)
Cosmos – Pelé (USA)

Then you have some crazy stories of Countries and League Teams semi retiring the number 10 🙂  Que loco loco

América  Cuauhtémoc Blanco  Mexico
The shirt number will be retired only for a period of 5 years, starting in June 2007. However, jersey 10 has been occasionally re-issued for special cases, due to CONMEBOL rules, which state that shirts must be numbered 1-25 in continental club competitions (such as Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, amongst others).

Argentina Diego Maradona
The number 10 had been retired by Argentine Football Federation (AFA) in October 2001 to honour Maradona. Before the 2002 World Cup, the AFA submitted a squad list of 23 players for the tournament, listed 1 through 24, with the number 10 omitted. FIFA rejected Argentina’s list, and the governing body’s president, Sepp Blatter suggested the number 10 shirt be instead given to the team’s third-choice goalkeeper, Roberto Bonano. AFA ultimately submitted a revised list with Ariel Ortega, originally listed as number 23, as the number 10.The number 10 has been worn by other players since.

Real Oviedo  Peter Dubovsky
The Spanish Football League allowed Oviedo to retire number 10 just for the 2000–2001 season, as an exception to its rules. At the end of the season, number 10 was re-issued.

My theory is simple, if you have a number 10 player and the circumstances arise to use that type of player, then he should be on the bench at least. Uruguay has one player that even though he is playing in Greece would be a perfect choice. Yes you guessed it, Alvaro Recoba.

Now this type of comment will excite some and depress others and make others laugh on the floor, however what I see missing in the current lineup of Uruguay is a free kick specialist. We have Forlan taking corners and free kicks which are way below standard. How I would have loved to have seen Recoba against Chile, just like when Chile brought back Salas to score 2 gols, I believe Recoba would have scored at least one against them.

Now I know what your thinking, Recoba sometimes plays at a 9 Standard.


Recoba Numero 9Recoba Numero 9
Recoba Numero 9

He sometimes plays at a 10 standard


Recoba Numer 10
Recoba Numero 10

 But sometimes man, he plays like 2  x “10” players and gives the team an extra player not fitness wise but futbol wise. Magic Magic Magic.

Recoba Numero 20
Recoba Numero 20







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5 thoughts on “Number 10 Theory of the Cosmos”

  1. But isn’t Forlan our Number 10? Ja Ja… I agree with you, Recoba would be great, but I think the only way Uruguay can play him is the way Inter played him in the last 2 years, off the bench and for only 15 minutes.

    This kid Lodeiro has all the makings of a Number 10… He reminds me a little bit of Diego from Brazil, he’s short and stocky but can deliver a wicked cross.

    After Nacional’s run in La Copa Libertadores ends, I think El Maestro might call him up. As for Recoba, I think its unlikely Tabarez will recall him or even Estoyanoff for that matter. I think Estoyanoff with Cebolla & Forlan would be explosive.

    The best “10” in the world though is Andrea Pirlo, Un FENOMENO el tipo. My favorite Italian player, humble to the point that you’d think he’s Uruguayan.


  2. Yorugua,

    Agree with you as we have many number “10” players to choose from, however for me it has to be Recoba as I would only play for him for a maximum of 30 min.

    Then it only takes one free kick and bam GGGGGOOOOOOOLLLLLLL. Even Forlan would have his score tally increase as Recoba would provide for him as no other can.


  3. Forlan is like a Ferrari with an empty tank of gasoline… hay que mantenerlo lleno al tanque.

    Alvaro Fernandez before he got injured… este tipo me gusta como un Diez. I think he fits all the requiste criteria you’re looking for in your typical “enganche.”

    If you have both Fernandez & Gonzalez injury free and in playing shape, me quedo con Fernandez….


  4. Typical bolso, always supporting their own kind. Whos a gonna taka da freekicks? Let me guess Sebastian Viera (bolso freekick Extra Denair)

    Dale bolso Dale 🙂

  5. No te gusta Fernandez? Pero si vos sos un Fernandez flaco…

    I wanted Pachecho (Manya) but you wanted El Chino back.

    Mira para estar seguro, mejor que pongan a Lodeiro (otro Bolso) y estamos chocho.


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