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Hector Baldassi
Hector Baldassi

Argentinian referee Héctor Wálter Baldassi has sent a strong message to both Chile and Uruguay: “Stay away from the Top 4”.

Just when Diego Maradona’s Argentinian side lost 6-1 against Bolivia another Argentinian ensured Argentina would not suffer too much. Baldassi refereed the game between Chile and Uruguay. When Chile looked like scoring he sent one of their players off, then when Uruguay was getting on top he decided to yellow card as many Uruguayans as possible. He ignored any penalty claims and tried to keep the game a draw. With both Chile and Uruguay only progressing with one point, it helped Argentina as neither country left them too far behind.

When a player is playing badly he is substituted and another player gets to have a go, so why not introduce that rule with referees? If the referee is performing badly, maybe even his assistants (lineman) why not substitute them by the 4th official.

Héctor Wálter Baldassi was having a terrible game, though I believe on purpose. It would have been fantastic to have seen a different referee for the second half.

The credibility of the South American qualifiers are becoming a joke ,from Bolivia in the high altitude beating a team like Argentina 6-1, where in normal situation that would never happen. For example Uruguay beat Bolivia 5-0 at home and Argentina beat Bolivia 3-0 at home.

Having South American referees is also a joke, for example in the game between Chile and Uruguay you have a conflict of interest as the Chilean coach is in fact Argentinian so how can the referee be from Argentina?

The majority of the players from Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina come from playing in leagues in Europe so why not have european referees? This would prevent the constant biased which is clearly seen. We have now lost 4 points thanks to Argentinian referees, the other culprit being Señor Pezzotta.

Maradona Argentine Coach
Maradona Argentine Coach asking Baldassi for a Draw





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4 thoughts on “Substitute the Referee”

  1. NO EUROPEAN REFS please… Europeans are in love with Brazil, they’ll just go ahead and call it Brazil’s way.

    I think they should get the referees from India, some country where Futbol is not even played.

    In the 2002 WCQ, PERLUIGI COLLINA was the referee in the URUGUAY vs ECUADOR game… Scotland’s HUGH DALLAS was the referee in the URUGUAY vs BRAZIL game in EL CENTENARIO… I think they cost the CONMEBOL too much money bringing in those referees.

    But you’re 1000% right, South American referees stink.

    1. Referees from India , where they dont play football…

      Its funny to hear dumbasses who son’t even have an average school kids general knowledge commenting about things out of their grey matter..

      In India football is played and loved like any other sports !!

      And how on earth did you think that referees would come from a land where football is not played ?? LMAO !!

      1. Look at India and it’s population. You never qualify for the World Cup and you don’t have any referees at the World standard. I’ve been to India and it’s all cricket. Sure there is soccer but cricket is everywhere. That’s the difference, in South America it’s Futbol that is everywhere….

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