Tricky Chile

Chile Futbol Team
Chile Futbol Team

Well Chile are well known for their tricks (truco) and it would be no surprise if they field the above team to break Uruguays concentration. The Uruguayans will be totally focused on ensuring they leave Santiago with 3 points in their luggage. On the other hand the Chileans will be doing everything possible to ensure the Uruguayans luggage is lost and found in the Chilean Futbol Teams dressing room.

They have tried everthing in the past and nothing has changed. Below is a picture of the possible line up for the game.

Chile Futbol Team
Chile Futbol Team


If the Uruguayans have one weakness it would have to be women and the Chileans are fully aware of that fact. The one thing they haven’t taken into account is that the Uruguayans determination to not only win the game but to also pick up and the above team would save them time.

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