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Uruguay Sub 20
Uruguay Sub 20
Now that Peñarol has sacked it’s coach who got them to the Libertadores Playoff in the first place,  has now been knocked out of the competition before it has even started. Now we have a new coach who since being appointed has shown everything to be back to what it was before Saralegui. With this in mind I have been to busy screaming and swearing to write any entries on this blog that has now been listed on the nearly extinct list.

The only joy at the moment is the Under 20 South American Championship which has produced some exciting players and exciting games. Uruguay lost against Brasil 3-2, Beat Colombia 2-1 and beat Argentina 2-1 in the final phase of the competition. Now with two games left against Paraguay and Venezuela there is a chance of qualification to the Youth World Cup held in Egypt.
Below are some highlights of the game against Argentina.




Uruguay vs Argentina
Uruguay vs Argentina

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  1. CELESTE!!!!!

    Time to save all your Australian Money and book passage to Egypt… that’s about as close as we’re gonna get to a World Cup.


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