Peñarol 0 – 1 AUF de nacional

The New AUF Escudo
The New AUF Escudo


The AUF backed nacional futboless club has won it’s first clasico in 4 long years thanks to the assistance of the AUF (Associacion Uruguaya de nacional de Futbol). Due to the amount of fans leaving the club in droves, the national authority needed them to win a clasico and go on to win the league. The AUF has assisted nacional by taking 3 points off Peñarol for crowd violence then stopping the league for 2 weeks for crowd violence between Danubio and nacional. Peñarol was on form and gaining momentum when the league was stopped and no points penalty were awarded to either Danubio nor nacional.

Referee Liber Prudente suspended the game between Villa Espanola and nacional due to nacional not showing up on time for kick off. The game was initially awarded to Villa Espanola and the 3 points. In a turn around from the AUF some couple of months later they decide to play the game again. The game was won by nacional and they received the 3 points.

The AUF will be awarding nacional the Apertura title for 2008 which will be a trophy that will be celebrated by the few fans left at nacional. Below are some lowlights from the game which will highlight the referee’s biast towards nacional from the onset where 2 yellow cards are awarded against Peñarol, while medina (bolso) smashed into Caballero (Manya) and nothing is awarded. The tournament has been a complete waste of time as the winner was already decided by the AUF due to fact that nacional memberships were slowly disappearing and that nacional were disapperaing into oblivion. The AUF needs two big teams in such a small country so it’s imperative that nacional win a clasico to keep the fans interested.


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  1. La AUF should rescue both Penarol & NACIONAL (all caps baby!!!)— Anything else would only benefit Julio Grondona & la AFA…they want mediocre teams from URUGUAY to win the domestic leagues that way they go home faster when La Copa America is in high gear. Uruguay is sort of like Scotland, although the league is not that strong (playing or fan bases)… you need two strong teams… Danubio is too small and has not won enough to convert the Fair weathered fan into supporting them. That Penarol & Nacional are in the state they are in is all Paco Casal’s fault… too many players were sold for almost nothing and these teams have not recuperated those losses. You need EL CLASSICO to remain EL CLASSICO. This is why Casal has Carrasco coaching at River, he’s still the mad man behind the scenes orchestrating Uruguayan Futbol to ruin. Penarol should have never forgiven Carlos Bueno for the insubordinate act he and Rodriguez committed, they let down the institution and Uruguayan futbol—they should have taken their cause to LA AUF instead Penarol never made any money on Rodriguez’s transfer. This is what’s sad about the whole affair, Penarol forgives Bueno and starts him…horrible man. Nacional has made some horrible transfers in the last 5 years—Medina was a bust and Viera is barely playing in Villareal.

    The man you should blame is Paco Casal… still Uruguay’s Darth Vader.

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