Time to resign El Presidente Luis Corbo

Dr Jose Luis Corbo
Dr Jose Luis Corbo

Well once again the AUF (Association Uruguayan Futbol) in their wisdom have decided on a number of initiatives. The first being the ridiculous decision to play the nacional and Villa Española game. nacional originally did not show up on time and the game was suspended and the points awarded to Villa Española. The game has been played again with the result being a win to nacional and they receive the 3 points.

Peñarol due to some violent altercations received a 3 point penalty from this current tournament. In the game between Danubio and nacional there were  serious incidents when both set of fans met on the field around half way and with steel bars, corner flags and anything they could get their hands on proceeded to bash each other up. No points were deducted and in a detrimental  decision, futbol was suspended for 2 weeks just when Peñarol were in form.

The AUF has also decided not to sell tickets to some games at the stadium but instead people would need to go to there own clubs or the AUF to buy tickets. This has produced small crowds and a sense of stupidity by the governing force.

It’s time to resign Mr El presidente Luis Corbo!!!!!

The New AUF Escudo
The New AUF Escudo



Now Peñarol have drawn their game against River Plate and their title hopes will depend next week when Peñarol play their greatest rival nacional in the clasico.

 Here are some highlights from the game against River Plate of Uruguay.



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