Uruguay Back To Normal

Uruguay vs Ecuador
Uruguay vs Ecuador

Well just when you thought there was some hope, Uruguay manage to drop 2 Glorious Points at home. With all 11 Ecuadorians in the penalty box there was no way to get through and at some stages they were all holding hands on the gol line blocking every gap and packaging themselves 1 point.

Luckily the other results went the way of the Charruas as Brasil at home could only draw 0-0 with last placed Bolivia. Bolivia playing most of the second half with 10 men. Is this the end of the Dunga Era or will the Brasilians resort to some Macumba Black Magic.


The other surprise result was Peru 1- 1 Argentina. The Peruvians managed to draw the game in the last few seconds and secured a point with a very successful comeback to win 4 points out of a possible 6. Considering their last performance before these 4 points, was a loss to Uruguay 6-0 in Montevideo.

Well what now for El Maestro Tabarez?????  His next two games are away to Argentina and away to Bolivia in the mountains with no air. We are now placed 5th and in the Playoff Zone as always. It’s great to see Uruguay Back To Normal after the dream of el Estadio El Campín de Bogotá.

El Maestro back to the Drawing Board
El Maestro back to the Drawing Board





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