nacional win pointless Liguilla 2008

Bolso Liguilla 2008
Bolso Liguilla 2008

Nacional have won the Liguilla 2008 in a play off against Defensor Sporting as they both finished the mini league in first place. It’s a competition set up with only 6 teams to see which teams qualify for the Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.

Before this so called final between Defensor and nacional the teams had already been decided as to who qualifed. Defensor qualified to la Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. Peñarol qualifed for a play off to La Copa Libertadores and River Plate qualified for La Copa Sudamericana.

My belief is that the winner of the Apertura (Defensor Sporting) and the winner of the Clausura (Peñarol) should automatically qualify for La Copa Libertadores. As these tournaments are a competition with 16 teams. Then the winner of the Annual Table should qualify for La Copa Sudamericana. The second spot for La Copa Sudamericana could also be decided on the best position in the Annual Table.

So there really wasn’t any point to this final as no one was really interested in who lifted the trophy. nacional celebrated as if it was the only trophy they have ever won. Oh, it was the only trophy they lifted this year!

Peñarol won the Clasicos 4-2 and 2-0 gainst nacional. 2-0 against the winners of La Liguilla 2008. So why not develop a trophy for the winner of El Clasico? You have a full stadium with passion and it’s a table between 2 teams, instead of 6!!!!!

Watching the final between Defensor Sporting and nacional showed the lack of technical ability, futbol style and intensity. I drank 10 cups of coffee trying to stay awake. I also drank 3 V drinks and needed to take 6 asprins as my headache was getting stronger as the game progressed. I also needed eyedrops as my eyes were going red with the luck nacional was having as Defensor hit the post quite a few times.

Now is a time for rebuilding as most of Peñarol’s players are going to Europe and Saralegui is preparing a new squad. As for nacional they also will need to rebuild but not so much from players leaving overseas but from the retirements of players like El Chengue.


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  1. Hahaha your pathetic kid, learn how to spell first of all… and wash your mouth before speaking of El Chengue, he qualified you to Korea/Japan 2002 as well as gave you many headaches when he whopped your ass so many clasicos. Go with that looser of Pacheco who only played in Gimnasia of Argentina and as a substitue. Has he been to the national team? Hahaha yeah to carry water to El Chengue. So learn a little about soccer before posting this kind of crap you got here.

  2. Thanks for your comments Seba and BolsaAMuerte, means a lot to me coming from nacional supporters. I can understand the frustation you must have being bolsos. Major, you sound like a Manya but your previous comments have me confused. Sos Manya or ????


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