8 Manyas vs 11 bolsos

On the 23rd of April 1987 over 21 years ago there was a historic Clasico at the Estadio Centenario. The final result was Peñarol 2-1 nacional, the result was not surprising but the amount of players left on the field was. Peñarol ended the game with 8 players and nacional with 11 players. The strength and garra aurinegra was evident from the start of the game.  With the score tied 1-1 in the 68th minute referee Juan Daniel Cardelino sent off Ricardo Viera who had scored the first Peñarol goal. In the 75th minute José Herrera y José Batlle Perdomo were both sent off leaving Peñarol with only 8 men. With 7 minutes to the end of the game Jorge Cabrera scored the historic goal to give Peñarol the 2-1 win.

The Peñarol team comprising of 8 players were: Eduardo Pereira, Jorge Goncalves, Obdulio Trasante, Alfonso Domínguez, Gustavo Matosas, Eduardo Da Silva, Jorge Cabrera y Diego Aguirre. 
 Maybe nacional should have stayed in their dressing rooms and not showed up for the second half as the 11 nacional players did not have the strength or will to win. Should the Uruguayan Futbol Association let nacional play with 12 or 13 players in every clasico to try and make the games more competitive?

With the National Team comprising of 40% nacional players it’s no wonder the current selection is out of the top 5.

Si si señores soy aurinegro, si si señores de corazon. Vamos Manya Vamos Carajo!!!!



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