¿ Is it time for nacional to retire from futbol all together?

El Chengue ve Roja
El Chengue ve Roja

With the news that Richard Morales (El Chengue) will retire from nacional,
you have to ask yourself

¿ Is it time for nacional to retire from futbol all together?

Nacional look to convince Richard Morales to stay at the club. After the
announcement that he will retire from nacional after his expulsion in the
clasico by referee Robert Silvera, el Chengue proceeded to throw his shirt
to the sector of the America Stand where there were partisans of Peñarol.
Noticeably sore and distressed by the defeat El Chengue asked the fans of
Peñarol to excuse him because it is not right to throw my shirt in the stands.
El Chengue said: “It happens that we are human, we have blood in the veins
and sometimes one is affected by the things that they shout to you from
outside of the field. I know clearly that I am the captain of the Team and
must be an example. I am very upset and hurt and I have spoken with all
my fellow team mates. I feel we have failed the fans because this can not
be happening. I sincerely don’t have the strength to continue as I feel weak
and must retire from nacional.”

Teams like Napoli have retired the number 10 shirt so why not
retire a whole futbol club. If the Captain is weak and can no longer continue,
what is that really saying about the Club. Sometimes there comes a time when you
need to retire as you can no longer perform at the same level you once tried to
achieve. The results speak for themselves and the time has come.

Retire nacional, do the right thing for the fans and the Uruguayan Futbol
Association. The Time Has Come.


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2 thoughts on “¿ Is it time for nacional to retire from futbol all together?”

  1. This suggestion is so ridiculous “Is it time for nacional to retire from futbol all together” that it I feel that this forum should either be shut down or whom ever made such a suggestion should be either temporarily or permanently barred from making comments…I wont go on with this absurd comment/suggestion.

    God help me please..

  2. Since 2000 to 2008 Nacional was Uruguayan Club Champs 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 and from 2004 to November 2006 unbeaten for 10 derby and considering that the current national team starting roster is composed of 40% former Nacional players I think you should do a bit more homework before you ask a 109 year old team with 123 official domestic honors and 9 official international honors to retire.

    You bring shame to your house..

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