¿ Will Nacional Show Up?

La Fuga
La Fuga

This Monday morning Sydney time El Classico between Peñarol and nacional will kick off. The real question is whether nacional will show up for the game and /or the second half. The famous game back in 1949 where nacional did not show up for the second half.

 Now due to this game nacional will always be remembered as Chickens (Gallinas).

Escudo nacional
Escudo nacional

Will SportBet have odds on nacional showing up or not, will the Uruguayan Futbol Federation offer ticket buyers a money back garantee if nacional don’t show up? It’s bound to be a dramatical game as always with Peñarol hoping to make a come back in La Liguilla and defeating it’s arch rival. Lets hope it finishes like the last time they played.

Vamos Manya Vamos


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