How Things Change

Jorge Del Solar

When a result is so bulky it is difficult not to agree that a team crushed the opposition. Uruguay beat Peru 6-0 at the Estadio Centenario. While the international media hailed Diego Forlán, Peruvians demanding resignations and accuse the coach for not taking a step to the side. “Caradura!”, Titled the Lima daily El Expreso next to a photo of coach Jose Del Solar.
To have a Professional Futbol player pose for a picture holding a Gun in one hand and a futbol in the other. Having two of their best players suspended by their own Futbol Federation for hiring some hookers to the hotel they were staying in. Now having their coach talk to his team in such a unprofessional manner. A country that is willing to sell a whole mountain to the Chinese. You have to ask yourself, Have they all Gone Mad!!!!!!!! Bring back Los Indios Por Favor….

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