¿ Lo Que’? Uruguay 6-0 Peru


“A Picture says a thousand words”

This picture left me speechless when I saw it. It still amazes me even now. Futbol in one hand and gun in the other. Remember that Uruguay has survived with Brasil on top of us and Argentina next to us. Looks like Peru will need to point the gun at their next opponents or after this performance, at their own coach??????

To Major who left a comment. I guess you didn’t realise that the game has already been played. Watch below:





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One thought on “¿ Lo Que’? Uruguay 6-0 Peru”

  1. No doubt about it. I’m putting my money on Peru to win this game. Peru 7, Uruguay RIP.:)

    With that 45 it’s a proud historic moment for Peru, making it the first time ever Peru has beaten Uruguay.

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